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Shyam Menon

Functional Safety & SIS
Shyam Menon

Shyam Menon

Technical Sales Consultant, PAS Global LLC

Shyam Menon is a Technical Sales Consultant at PAS. Shyam has over ten years’ experience in Instrumentation Control and Automation. Previously, Shyam has held engineering roles at Alstom Power where he was responsible for design and commissioning of large combined cycle Gas Turbines across Europe and Middle East. Prior to Alstom, Shyam has worked with Honeywell Process Solutions.

Independent Protection Layer Assurance: Are We Safe to Run the Plant?

Functional Safety & SIS

Abstract: The fundamental question every operations manager needs to answer is, “Are we safe to run the plant?” While it sounds simple, many variables help answer this question including understanding the operational state of your safety instrumented systems (SIS) and other independent protection layers (IPL). Companies often struggle with real-time visibility into the state of safety systems because the information is trapped within multiple systems and spreadsheets. Most employ manual processes to gather necessary data and build a profile of plant operational risk. This paints an incomplete picture, which introduces unwanted risk, and the effort expended is burdensome.

Risk management best practices demand a more automated approach to IPL analysis, reporting, testing, and validation. In this session, we will explore today’s challenges in the managing IPL/SIF/SIS and address the value in integrating management work processes with process data. Next, we will describe how to maintain compliance, safety, and reliability while minimizing operational disturbance and resource requirements. Finally, we will review the steps for streamlining systems’ maintenance processes and address the current operational risk profile from bypassed or out-of-service functions. Ultimately, we will show how best to approach answer the question of “Are we safe to run the plant?”

What attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the events that trigger the safety function
  • How to improve operational safety and reliability through greater operator awareness
  • Keys to reducing maintenance cost and production loss

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