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Shiva Sekar

Power Automation Solutions
Shiva Sekar

Shiva Sekar

Electrical Engineer, GASCO

Shiva Sekar of GASCO is B.E,electrical & electronics from SSN College of engineering(Anna University), Tamilnadu India. He joined Megatech Control and worked on industrial and process automation projects engineering with SCADA and PLC. Later he joined ABB and worked on power automation solutions involving IEC61850 integration with 800xa DCS and load shedding systems. Currently associated with GASCO as electrical engineer fully focusing on the Power automation systems of GASCO Ruwais plant.

Electrical Control System with IEC61850 Based Load Shedding Solution at Gasco Ruwais

Power Automation Solutions

Abstract: Generally the oil & gas infrastructure is designed to import from the grid depending on various factors and it’s highly essential to have a control system which ensures the power balance with faster response in improving the system stability. It’s essential to ensure the availability of power to key process equipment under various contingencies which is achieved by the load shedding systems, such load shedding system has undergone significant revolution from electromechanical relays and PLC systems to the use of communication enabled intelligent electronic devices functioning on the IEC61850 platform.

The load shedding system ensures the availability of power to the most critical loads by switching off lower-priority loads in the event of power supply shortage in the electrical network fulfilling the following objectives.

  • Prevent collapse of the electrical power system, it must act fast and reduce loads according to the availability of power sources, before the electrical upset leads to the overloading and protective tripping of the remaining sources and eventually to blackout.
  • Minimize disturbance to the production process, it shall shed only the amount of loads necessary to compensate for the power deficiency according to a pre-defined priority order.
  • Avoid inadvertent operation, it should be reliable and the number of spurious operations should be limited during the lifetime of the system.
This paper illustrates one such system named as “Electrical Control System” which does the monitoring and control along with the IEC61850 based fast load shedding functionality for the Ruwais 4th NGL Train electrical system.

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