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Peter Sieber

Vice President Global Sales & Regional Development, HIMA

Peter Sieber is Vice President Global Sales & Regional Development of HIMA. He has worked in process automation since 1985 and is a member of steering committees working on functional safety (IEC 61508) and IT security (IEC 62443). More recently Peter has been involved in IEC TC 65 WG 20.1 which considers the application of IEC 61508 and IEC 62443 in parallel.

Functional Safety at Your Plant Requires IT Security

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security

Abstract: The cyber security threat has expanded from its origins in the home and office PC environment into Industrial Control Systems. According to a 2015 survey, conducted by IBM, manufacturing sites are more likely to experience a cyber-attack than the financial services sector.

In this paper Pieter Sieber of HIMA will explain that by looking at a wider solution, through a combination of functional safety and IT security, businesses ensure their overall safety.

The paper will address three core questions:

  1. Can the “insecurity” of integrated control systems influence the functional safety of a plant?
  2. What needs to be protected?
  3. Can the principles developed for functional safety be applied to security?
With reference to the international standards IEC 61508 for functional safety, IEC 61511 for Safety instrumented Systems and IEC 62443 for cyber security the paper will deliver a unique perspective and thinking on this very real, very modern threat.

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