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Marcus Oates

Marcus Oates

Marcus Oates

Executive Vice President - Vertical Sales, Siemens

Marcus Oates joined Siemens in 2005 and is responsible for Sales in Vertical Markets for the Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives Divisions in the Lower Gulf Regions.

Marcus has an Electrical, Instrument, Control and Telemetry background and gained a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western Australia. Marcus has more than 35 years experience in the electrical and communication industries, including Project Management of major infrastructure projects.

Marcus was formerly the Regional General Manager of Siemens in Western Australia.

The Pathway toward a “Digital Enterprise”


Abstract: This presentation will introduce the concept of “The Digital Enterprise” and will discuss how to establish a Digitalization Road Map for your organization.

Digitalization is changing the entire value chain for the design, prototyping and manufacturing of products. Traditional process industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water & Waste Water and Pharmaceuticals are no exception. Understanding the new nature of competition via Digitalization offers the opportunity to capture value through increased productivity.

The Digital revolution is changing business models, the pace of innovation and competitiveness among traditional rivals in mature markets. New frontiers of productivity improvement are ready for exploitation. But where should you start? What does the journey look like? We know that we have to do something but what?

This presentation answers the key questions and will assist you to identify your unique road map towards a Digital Enterprise. It will also present Siemens “Digital Enterprise” approach for Process Industries - “From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations”.

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