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Dr. Joerg Loebel

Fire & Gas
Dr. Joerg Loebel

Dr. Joerg Loebel

Marketing Director, F&G Segment, MSA

Mr. Joerg Loebel holds a PhD in Electronics and has been with MSA for more than 15 years working within the Fire & Gas business unit.

He is currently leading the global marketing team for F&G.

The Importance of Performance Certified F&G Detection Controllers

Fire & Gas

Abstract: A Fire & Gas safety system continuously monitors for abnormal situations such as a fire, or combustible or toxic gas releases within the plant; and provides early warning and mitigation actions to prevent escalation of the incident and protect the process and personnel.

A typical F&G safety system comprises detection, logic control and alarm and mitigation functions. The controller or logic solver is the central control unit of the overall F&G detection and control system. The controller handles the required actions to initiate alarms to notify personnel and mitigate the impact of the hazard.

Today, F&G detection systems are generally programmable electronic systems (PES) type with high safety availability and mitigation effectiveness. Several global performance approvals exist that set standards that relate to F&G Detection Controllers. These include:

  • ATEX directive 94/9/EC
  • NFPA 72: 2013.- National Fire Alarm Code for Fire Alarm Systems
  • ANSI/ISA (12.13.01)-2013 Performance Requirements of Detectors for Flammable Gases
  • ANSI/ISA (12.13.02)-2012 Gas detectors-Selection, installation, use and maintenance of detectors for flammable gases and oxygen
These standards provide a framework to ensure you are following best practices for fire and gas controllers. Third party certifying agencies including TUV, UL, FM and CSA test and approve Fire and Gas Controllers to these international standards.

Ensuring that you select controllers that have been certified to comply with these international standards provides a degree of clarity to the design, and ensures that you are following recognized best design practices, and provide a technical justification for your work.

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