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Ibtihaj Jaber AL-Menther

Fire & Gas
Ibtihaj Jaber AL-Menther

Ibtihaj Jaber AL-Menther

Control Engineer, ADMA OPCO

Ibtihaj AL-Mentheri is a Control Engineer in ADMA-OPCO holds BS degree in Electrical Engineering from The Petroleum Institute (PI), UAE. Ibtihaj has over 4 years of experience in Oil & Gas engineering in terms of Instrumentation and control systems. Currently, she is handling/supporting some of ADMA new and brownfield projects.

Challenges in Halon Replacement at Offshore Fields

Fire & Gas

M. Vasudevan

Abstract: In the early 1980s, it was confirmed that the earth’s ozone layer was being depleted. Although it makes up a small percentage of the atmosphere, the ozone layer is nonetheless essential to all living things. Located mostly in the stratosphere, the ozone layer protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet medium wave (UVB) light, which can be harmful to humans (can be a factor in skin cancer), crops, and marine ecosystems .

As per Montreal Protocol ,Halon clean agent is considered as an ozone-depleting substance and mandated that they be replaced with a commercial alternative.

The existing Halon fire extinguishing systems at ADMA-OPCO facilities are under replacement with environmental friendly extinguishing system as part of company & government/ international regulation.

Each facility replacement is evaluated based on HSE study , business and structural Risk.

During EPC stage, careful methodology & Risk Assessments are considered with modifications to the existing electrical, instrumentation, piping, HVAC and structural facilities, as potential risks are associated with decommissioning of existing Halon system, engineering/operational interfaces with ongoing projects as well as schedule constraints for safe removal/replacement of Halon systems.

This paper deals with the challenges and methodology adopted for a Brown field project to ensure a 30 year old Halon system spread across more than 200 locations are safely decommissioned and replaced without disrupting the Asset, by an alternate environmentally friendly system.

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