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Emiliano Marquesini

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security
Emiliano Marquesini

Emiliano Marquesini

Sales Director, Easy World Technology LLC

Graduated as Electronic and Electrical engineer in Argentina, with more than 25 years working in Industrial Automation and Utilities across multiple countries. Specialized in Software and Data Communications. Senior Program Manager for MNC.

Currently helping businesses within GCC to ensure their Mission-Critic Data Communications and Cyber-Security solutions run smoothly.

Being the attainment of their financial and operational goals.

Cyber Security in a Converging IT/OT World

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security

Abstract: Conventional IT and Operational Technology (OT)2 networks are gradually and steadily experiencing the disappearance of a clear demarcation line between the two, leading to what is called by many in the industry “IT and OT convergence”. Both type of networks have many similarities, although a clear distinction is that they use very different sets of networking protocols.

ICS environments are engineered to execute pre-defined set of rules on specific processes (A –> B –> execute C). Unlike IT environments, which are based on open query and response, OT networks are deterministic by nature and relatively predictable.

Furthermore, ICS is per-se cyber-physical, often directly affecting the real world. This means that risk calculations include potential impacts in scope and at scales greater than in information-only environments, including but not limited to loss of lives, ecological damage, intellectual property theft, brand damage and revenue losses.

The traditional IT priorities of confidentiality, integrity and availability are shifted in ICS world; safety and availability reign as the key drivers in ICS.

Whereas some industries will be beholden to regulatory or compliance drivers as well, the fact is that production environments are central to revenue and profits.

To the extent that cyber events can disrupt safety or availability, ICS cyber security is quickly emerging as a top priority.

In this paper, we will look at the challenges in securing ICS environments and some recommendations for effective ICS security.

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